Kajima Czech Design and Construction s.r.o.: Services

Cooperation during project preparation phase

  • Finding / evaluation of project location (infrastructure assessment)
  • Conceptual study preparation
  • Design documentation for authority approvals
  • Ensuring of authority approvals
  • Evaluation of design solution - value engineering proposal
  • Investment cost estimation

Project execution in the following areas

  • Industrial projects
  • Commercial centres
  • Projects for logistics
  • Administration buildings

Complete solution via "Design and Build"

  • Cooperation in suitable project location finding
  • Obtaining and evaluation of infrastructure information
  • Conceptual study preparation including cost estimation and scheduling
  • Preparation of design documentation
  • Ensuring of authority approvals
  • Project execution
  • Ensuring of the occupancy permit

Project execution via "Cost + Fee" form

  • Complete transparency of project organization to ensure maximum effectivity of investment
  • Cooperation with the Client during procurement phase, open account book system
  • Fixed price of contractor's services agreed in advance
  • Firm time schedule, budget and quality parameters
  • Complete guarantees for the Project